Six building blocks of a hospitality brand


There are few categories as filled with possibilities or as romantic or involving as travel. We research our trips endlessly and share notes with people who have gone on similar journeys. We record those magical moments not just in megapixels but also as treasured memories.

Pitching your tent in such a space and growing your hospitality business, therefore, is in equal parts exciting and challenging. As people who love traveling and as professionals who work on brands, we wanted to understand what it takes to be a great hospitality brand. Our analysis tells us that there are six building blocks to a great hospitality brand. These six building blocks cover every aspect of how a hospitality brand operates.

1. Destination ownership

A great hospitality brand always takes complete ownership of the place it belongs to.
Taj Exotica is not just a resort in Goa, it is in many ways Goa itself. The architecture is Mediterranean – inspired by Goa’s Portuguese heritage. The mood and the furniture are quintessentially Goan. Laidback, unhurried and classy. Taj Exotica brings alive Goa in all its glory through everything that it does, everything that it is.

2. Powerful partnerships

A great hospitality brand sees itself as part of a community from which it draws its roots. It creates powerful partnerships within the community. So, when you stay at Taj Exotica in Goa, they will arrange for you to visit old Goan homes – heritage homes that are centuries old. These visits will give you a taste of what life would have been in Portuguese Goa and allow you to immerse yourself in that time and in that culture.

3. Powerful story

A great story is central to a hospitality brand. One of the highest-rated wildlife resorts in India is the Oberoi Vanyavilas in Ranthambore. And they own a magical story that is drawn from royalty and shikar. When the kings and emperors of the past used to go on a hunt, a mini city would travel with them, they used to pitch tents and stay in the wilderness for days on end. Vanyavilas borrows from this. It is a powerful story that brings alive the excitement, anticipation, and sense of adventure that lovers of wildlife seek. You stay in luxurious tented accommodations while remaining as close to nature as possible.

4. High levels of personalization

Hospitality is all about personalization and no one does this better than Taj Umaid Bhawan In Jodhpur. When you check into Umaid Bhawan they allot a personal butler to you and he takes care of everything that you might desire. So, however long you stay at Umaid Bhavan they make sure that you feel like a King. Not many hospitality brands can do what Umaid Bhawan does but the best of them go out of their way to ensure that they delight their guests by personalizing their offering.

5. Unique experiences

The kind of experiences you deliver defines you as a hospitality brand. A private safari, dinner in a mango orchard, or a beach picnic where you are the only people around. The best hospitality brands deliver experiences that no one else can.

6. Curated glimpses

As a hospitality brand, you do not advertise as much as tease. You create content around every aspect of who you are and what you offer. You engage through powerful images. Images that draw people towards you.

About the author

Suresh Mohankumar

A seasoned strategist with 28 years of experience conceiving, launching and growing some of India’s biggest brands, Suresh, has worked as the head of Strategic Planning in large advertising agencies.

He is known for breaking down complex situations to bring meaningful insights to the surface in order to arrive at a water-tight strategy.

He has handled a variety of categories like Automobiles, Jewelry, FMCG, AlcoBev, Leisure, Food, Fashion, Retail, Technology, New Media, etc.

By Suresh Mohankumar

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