AuthorSuresh Mohankumar

A seasoned strategist with 26 years of experience conceiving, launching and growing some of India’s biggest brands, Suresh, has worked as the head of Strategic Planning in large advertising agencies. He is known for breaking down complex situations to bring meaningful insights to the surface in order to arrive at a water-tight strategy. He has handled a variety of categories like Automobiles, Jewelry, FMCG, AlcoBev, Leisure, Food, Fashion, Retail, Technology, New Media, etc.

Watch out! Big Changes ahead


Or how the coronavirus will change the communication business After having looked hopefully and then a bit fearfully at the future we now turn our attention to the present and to the business of our business. The world of brands and branding. The nature of the question we ask however remains the same. What will this virus do to the world of brands and branding? There is an obvious catch in the...

Post corona world – FOUR EVILS TO WATCH OUT FOR


This is our second piece on the impact that coronavirus could have on all of us. We started debating on this on the 14th of April, about an hour or so after the PM’s address to the nation. Lockdown 1.0 was coming to an end; Lockdown 2.0 was about to begin.  We soon realized that putting down a pessimistic point of view is much harder than imagining the positive side to all of this. What can...

Possibilities – Imagining the post corona world


Everything was planned. Thoroughly planned. We stuck with the name that we chose over a year ago – The Strategy School. We imagined ourselves collaborating with our clients and uncovering new insights that would then help them realize their business goals. We spent a lot of time reworking our logo, we spend time segmenting our market, creating our products, we went through about five painful...

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